Volvo Trucks & Volvo Financial Services launch new finance programme


*To help hauliers and own-account operators in need of liquidity support during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Volvo Trucks has focused on helping customers keep their fleets rolling to deliver crucial goods and services. In the UK and Ireland, Volvo Trucks has provided support in various ways, including examples of technicians within its dealer network working extended hours during weekends to help operators keep trucks on the road when they were needed most. The manufacturer has also shined a light on the nation’s ‘haulage heroes’ via a well-received social media and advertising campaign.

“Many transport companies and truck drivers have been struggling during this crisis and it is our job to help them in any way we can,” said Robert Grozdanovski, Managing Director, Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland. “The last 10 weeks have demonstrated just how much the whole country relies on the transport and logistics industry. We’re so grateful for everything our haulage heroes have done and hope this offer goes a small way to show that appreciation.”

Volvo Trucks’ offering, called “Keep Moving”, allows businesses which replace older trucks or expand their fleets to defer any fees during the first three months. In addition, they get the option of a two-month payment pause each year. The pan-European finance programme has been developed by Volvo Financial Services, which provide Volvo Trucks customers with financial solutions worldwide. The offer is available until the end of June, for new trucks currently in stock.

“Despite the hugely challenging economic backdrop, operators still need to put new vehicles on the road,” added Mike Corcoran, Managing Director of Volvo Financial Services UK & Ireland. “We hope this programme helps them to do that – in turn allowing them to reduce their fuel bills, lessen their carbon footprint and, most importantly, to ‘Keep Moving’ throughout the current crisis.”