Weather resistant vehicle cameras offer enhanced road safety in winter

During wet and cold months, road conditions can be extremely hazardous for drivers. Snow, fog, and heavy rainfall can all combine to build up on cameras to limit visibility and increase the risks of accidents and collisions.

According to research, approximately 22% of road traffic incidents are caused by poor weather conditions. Drivers of commercial vehicles can feel particularly vulnerable in storms. While travel advice should always be followed in extreme conditions, commercial drivers will continually be under pressure to deliver goods on time. Routine checks of commercial vehicles should always be thorough regardless of weather conditions, yet it is extremely important to ensure cameras can show a clear image by removing any dirt that could be on a cameras lens when weather conditions are particularly poor. Clearly, protecting drivers and other road users  from hazardous weather conditions is a priority. Advances in vehicle safety technology in recent years are helping to address the issue. These include camera monitors, which not only eliminate vehicle blind spots, but also aid driver visibility even in the toughest conditions.

Emily Hardy, a road safety expert at Brigade Electronics, explains: “When weather is poor, visibility from camera monitors can be compromised. For example, large vehicles travelling at speed will create a vortex that draws grit and dirt onto the back of the vehicle. This can very quickly cover any rear view camera lens, making it difficult for drivers to see what is behind them..”

Shutter cameras, found in Brigade’s Elite and Select ranges, are helping to solve this issue.  The cameras feature an automatic shutter to protect the camera while it’s not in use. The shutter is only triggered to open when a vehicle enters reverse gear, meaning the camera lens remains clean and the life of the camera is increased.

Emily continues: “Our range of cameras offers superb durability whatever the environmental conditions. They operate at temperatures as low as -40ºC and with IP ratings of up to IP69K, the highest possible rating. So in heavy rain or high wind and the harshest conditions, theyremain an excellent driving aid, eliminating blind spots no matter what the weather.”


Brigade’s shutter camera range also feature an integrated heater to prevent water on the lens and the shutter itself from freezing; an instrumental feature in upholding driver safety during frosty months.