Wheels on the Bus still go round and round?


In the past this favourite nursery rhyme drove most bus and coach drivers mad, but this week it has been a welcome sound as the school kids around the country return to their classrooms, but are the operators getting fair play? 

It was regarded as a big political test for the Government to get the schools back in operation. A lot of co-ordination was required, without doubt there were difficult times. Teachers Unions and School Managers placed many obstacles and challenges in the path of a successful return, and parents had genuine concerns that had to be addressed. When any group felt they were being neglected they took to the national and local media to put political pressure on the Government. Except of course the school bus operators, they just prepared the vehicles, jump started the lazy ones, having been idle since March, and got on with the job. It is a pity that the one particular request they had, to get a reasonable payment to sanitise the interiors of the buses fell on deaf ears.  Since the return to school this cleaning, is of course, being carried out diligently, but unfortunately it looks like from the “bold step”.