Who is driving the country?


One of the cornerstones of airline training is that if a pilot is to deal with a crisis, he/she makes sure someone else in the cockpit continues to fly the plane. Any distractions that could threaten the safety of the airplane and those on board have to be avoided at all times. Newly elected Taoiseach Micheál Martin should consider this advice.  

As the economy continues to emerge from its slumber, companies are continuing to assess the damage and look for signs of recovery in their own sector. Conflicts are starting to arise between sectors, as some groups need the lockdown to continue, others want it to speed up. Reports from abroad suggest that the Coronavirus is making a comeback and economies are being forced back to the severe restrictions they thought were in the past. People are concerned that as visitors start arriving in the country, so too will the virus, and those involved in the tourist industry, in particular, are concerned that if they do not arrive, their business may be damaged beyond the point of being rescued. Whichever strategy the Government adopts, they must move to protect those affected from any consequences. As bus/coach operators are on their knees, the Government is showing little if any leadership. Hauliers, while not as severely affected, see Brexit and the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis morph in to a serious problem that will reduce productivity to a point where operations could become unsustainable.

Meanwhile, the Government is distracted by a controversy surrounding a Cabinet Minister from four years ago, teachers that don’t seem to know what they want and some groups of medics giving conflicting opinions and advice.

It is time for the Taoiseach and his partners in Government to show leadership, take control and fly the country safely ahead.