Why waste the gains made in terms of air pollution during Covid-19 lockdown – Eminox


As Ireland starts to move out of national lockdowns, leading manufacturer of exhaust and emissions control systems Eminox is urging truck, bus, coach and refuse collection vehicle (RCV) operators to go green and retrofit their fleets to meet Euro 6 emissions standards, and thereby accelerate the improvement in urban air quality that has been seen since the Covid-19 crisis began.

Retrofitting emissions control technology to existing vehicles not only enables Euro 6 compliance but also minimises the investment needed from operators and boosts the value of their fleets. On average, 10 older vehicles can be retrofitted for the price of buying a new truck, bus, coach or RCV, which provides a cheaper route to compliance that reduces capital expenditure. Turnaround time when upgrading an existing vehicle is also much less than when ordering and waiting for a new vehicle to be delivered.

The drop in heavy-duty vehicle traffic has seen a corresponding improvement in air quality, which has benefited everyone living and working in urban areas. To prevent emissions from rising as lockdowns ease, operators should act now to retrofit their fleets. Eminox’s emissions reduction technology is capable of reducing particulate matter (PM), NOx, NO2, CO and hydrocarbons by up to 99%, even at low operating temperatures. Avoiding the need to scrap non-compliant vehicles reduces waste and also demonstrates corporate social responsibility.

“The drop in urban traffic due to lockdown has delivered welcome public health benefits by reducing emissions from heavy-duty vehicles,” said Carlos Vincente, Retrofit & Aftermarket Sales Director, Eminox. “Now is the time to keep this momentum going, with operators ensuring their vehicles meet the Euro 6 standards mandated by a growing number of urban areas. Given the pressure on businesses and their finances, retrofitting vehicles is the perfect solution to cost-effectively reducing emissions, achieving compliance and improving air quality.”